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Here’s How to Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Rates

By May 13, 2021Insurance

Have your home insurance rates spiked recently? Have you noticed any changes on your latest billing statement? If you have, you’re not alone. Many clients are wondering what they can do to lower inflating rates.

Bickle agents suggest that you should call your licensed client representative to discuss your recent rate increase. As an independent insurance agency, Bickle is able to offer clients multiple carrier options. Agents might be able to shop to find you a less expensive carrier with comparable coverage. At the very least, a phone call in to your insurance agent could bring some clarity on why your rate increased.

Policy holders should consider working with an independent insurance agency like Bickle, because of the endless options they are able to offer. Clients should consider re-shopping annually with help from their agent to see if they could possibly find a better deal with a different insurance carrier.

One surefire way to lower your home insurance rate is to search for discount opportunities. Every policy holder will receive a declaration page, there should be a discount section included. Sometimes insurers still offer discounts but might not disclose the information on the declaration page. Your carrier could offer the following discounts

  1. Long-term client discount- for policy holders that have stayed with the same carrier for five or more years, some companies will actually offer a 10% loyalty discount to their policy.
  2. First-time Home Buyer Discount- Usually, the majority of insurance companies will offer first time home buyers a discount on their insurance policy.
  3. Claim-free discount- It is not uncommon for certain carriers to offer clients discounts if they haven’t filed any claims. This type of discount rewards clients that stay incident free.
  4. Senior Discount- For folks ages 55-60 years and over, some carriers will actually offer a 10% discount on insurance premiums.
  5. Protective devices discount- Most carriers incentives homeowners to take extra safety precautions to their home by offering an attractive discount. Outfitting your home with smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, burglar alarms, and deadbolts, are all upgrades that could score you a discount. In the long run, making your home safer is always a smart idea for preventive protection.
  6. Multi-policy discount- With most insurers, having two or more policies could possibly land you a discount. Bundling home and auto, and adding in life insurance, could save policy holders anywhere from 20-30% off their rates.


Bickle also suggests that policy holders choose a higher deductible if homeowners are looking to lower their rates. Unfortunately, higher premiums have a direct correlation with lower deductibles. This means that having a $500 deductible might sound like a “good deal,” but it could actually be the culprit in your inflated rates. Bickle recommends that if your currently paying a $500 or $1,000 deductible, to consider raising your deductible to lower your monthly bill. If you are a homeowner that has been fortunate enough to avoid filing claims, then you should definitely consider raising your deductible cost. Policy holder only have to pay their deductible when they file a claim, so, if you are an individual that tends to be on the less likely side to file a claim, consider contacting your agent to adjust the cost of your deductible.

Bickle also suggest that clients consider taking precautions to disaster-proof their homes. Policy holder that remodel sections of their home, invest in upgrading their plumbing or electrical system, or add storm protective windows should always let their insurance company know. Informing your agent of any disaster-proofing upgrades that you’ve made will most likely result in lower insurance rates.