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Our 5-Star Service Philosophy

By May 7, 2021Insurance

Our modern day world is filled with endless options for consumers across every industry. Insurance services are no different. We understand that all our clients have choices. We choose to be the easiest to work with, the friendliest, and the best advisors to our clients. Signing an insurance policy isn’t as easy as ordering a hamburger, but we make the process as painless as possible. And we always offer our services with a smile. At Bickle, we teach our employees to always act out of care and compassion. We are simply friendly folks that want to help.

Where does the magic begin? Right from the start. Our hiring process focuses on sourcing team members that are a 10/10 in the personality department. We look for customer service-oriented individuals that have extensive experience helping clients through high-stress situations. Every Bickle employee has an incredibly pleasant disposition and a great sense humor. Our clients are like family members to us, so we hire friendly folks that they could consider a friend.

Part of our five-star service is understanding that our client’s time is very valuable. That’s why clients can make requests 24 hours a day through our website. We understand that all of our clients live active lifestyles and sometimes the easiest time to request a policy change could be after dinner, when our offices are closed. Our website makes the request process incredibly easy and clients can submit them whenever is most convenient. We also have our phone lines open daily on weekdays from 8:30AM-4:30PM.

As an insurance agency, we know that clients could be calling about policies changes or they could be contacting us to report a claim. Any type of claim, whether it may be a minor car accident to a major devastation to a home, is horribly stressful. At Bickle, we care about our clients and that’s why when anything goes wrong, we’ll always be there to help. Our agency offers an in-house Claims Department with trained professionals to walk you through the entire process. This means that instead of calling a 1-800 number and talking to someone in a call center states away, you can always call the Bickle office and report your claim to our caring employees. We know how hard our clients have worked to build everything they have, and that’s why Bickle believes in showing compassionate care.

In the unfortunate case that something could go wrong, we want to make sure you are properly insured. Offering five-star service means that we give all our clients the best advice. Bickle employees are trained to provide clients with honest and calculated advice. Price is important, but coverage takes precedence in our advising process. We would never advise our clients to purchase a policy that has subpar coverage. Our employees are experienced and trained to make stellar decision-making. That’s why you can always trust the five-star service at Bickle.