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Top 5 Summer Insurance Reminders

By May 20, 2021Insurance

With warmer weather headed our way, and more a relaxed, or carefree attitude for some, Bickle is here to help you stay safe this summer. With pandemic regulations subsiding and the inevitable beautiful weather, more folks will be traveling this summer than ever. We can almost guarantee this summer will be one for the books! To stay safe and in-the-know, we have released our top 5 summer insurance reminders.


For your Home

1. For the folks that plan to install a pool this summer, keep in mind the necessary steps you should take to update your homeowners policy. The standard for most polices include a minimum of 100k worth of liability protection. Bickle advises that when you take the risk of installing a pool, you should make the smart decision to increase your coverage. Anywhere between 300-500k coverage is advised when homeowners are adding a tropical retreat to their home paradise.

2. For folks that pack their bags and leave town, consider the risk of your unoccupied home. Extended vacationers should consider the possibility of theft, vandalism, fire, or even water damage in their absence. Bickle suggests that before you hit the road, consider increasing your coverage. A responsible homeowner may want to leave their property in the hands of a trusted friend or family member, or hire a house-sitter to have peace of mind.

3. Are you having a big summer bash or plan on entertaining? All homeowners should know the risk associated with hosting a party. We aren’t referring to cleaning up a kitchen full of food or a couple broken glasses in the backyard. Hosts should understand the social host liability policy and make sure that they are protected in the unfortunate event that a guest is injured at their event. For avid entertainers and responsible party planners, Bickle suggests purchasing a social host liability policy. These policies can vary in pricing/coverage from anywhere to 50k-2MIL.


For your Travels

4. What are your vacation plans? Do they involve a rental car? Every insured auto owner should know if their policy’s coverage includes rental cars. A policy holder can usually find out if their covered by checking the declaration page of their policy. If you find that your policy lacks protection coverage over rental cars, Bickle suggests that all occasional car renters update their auto policy coverage. Another option is to purchase the rental car insurance coverage offed by the rental company. Bickle wants to remind clients that sometimes rental agencies do not offer the best coverage policies. It’s important to know what is covered incase you get in an accident. That’s why Bickle suggests that if you have any questions, call your trusted Bickle agent.

5. Are you planning on buying a boat or jet ski this summer? Or perhaps you already have one stored in your garage? Bickle suggest that watercraft owners purchase insurance coverage that includes bodily injury, property damage, liability, and theft. For folks planning on renting a boat or a jet ski, make sure that you purchase insurance coverage as well.