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Umbrella Insurance : The why behind it

By February 6, 2020June 9th, 2020Uncategorized

After a long week at work John was excited for a weekend with his family. He jumped in his truck and was heading home when he received a phone call. He looked down at his phone and literally in the split second he ran a red light and slammed into another car in front of him. His whole life flashed before his eyes and as a result he seriously injured the driver of the car.


Come to find out this person is a surgeon and his hand was severely damaged in the accident. John was found at fault for the

accident, sued and ordered to pay $1 million for the lost wages, medical expenses and pain and suffering of the injured driver.

John had auto insurance and he had a policy

limit of $300,000. John would be responsible for the other $700,000 out of his own pocket.

 WITHOUT a personal liability umbrella policy:

Johns wages could be garnished, his retirement, college funds or they could come after his other assets to collect this debt.

 WITH a personal liability umbrella policy:

John has an extra form of protection over him. Once his auto policy pays the policy amount of $300,000 his umbrella policy will then kick in and cover the remaining $700,000.

We know your life can change in an instant and an accident can happen at any time. Imagine having EVERYTHING you have worked for and planned so hard for taken from you for something that you didn’t mean. Bickle Insurance Services wants your life best protected against anything that could potentially happen to you. We discuss the best options that fits your financial situation and relief that burden of being liable of something like Johns situation.

Personal liability umbrella insurance sits just like an “umbrella” over you, your home, and your auto. In the event something happens that you are found liable for once your limits are met on your home or auto polices the umbrella insurance will then cover the remaining costs for you. Having this extra layer of protection even at times gives you discounts on your overall policies making things even more affordable for you to have it. Contact Bickle Insurance Services today to learn more about this protection and how we can help you.

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