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Why Should I Choose An Independent Insurance Agency? Here’s 8 Reasons Why:

By May 5, 2021Insurance

We all need insurance. Whether your bank requires you to hold a homeowners policy, or the state you reside in requires auto insurance, insurance helps protect you and your possessions. When you purchase insurance, your buying protection for your financial well-belling. While purchasing insurance can be complex, there are steps an insurance shopper can take to ease the process. Opting to work with an independent insurance agent is highly recommended for several reasons.

  1. Independent insurance agents are licensed professionals. They are educated and well-versed professionals that can navigate the complexities of the insurance world. They assess your needs and find the optimum coverage for you. They’re time is spend weighing coverage options and they know what’s best for their clients.
  2. More options for you, the client. Working with an independent agent means the a wider range of coverage options with more insurance carriers to choose from. Instead of accepting one quote from a carrier, independent insurance agents are able to compare pricing and weigh all of your options. With help from an agent, clients are able to receive industry knowledge and how to best spend their insurance dollars. Finding the right mix of coverage, price, and services is unique to working with an independent agent.
  3. Licensed experts with training. The insurance world is filled with complexities and confusion, with a licensed expert at your side, you’ll be better equipped to make informed decisions. Instead of taking on the responsibility of researching your options, put your trust in a licensed expert. To ensure that your auto, home, and business are property insured, working with an expert is always the best route to take. If your feeling under the weather, you go to the doctor. Likewise, you speak with your attorney when you need legal advice. Insurance matters should be handled with the same protocol; by a true expert.
  4. Your personal interest is protected. While pricing and rates are always a driving factor in choosing insurance coverage, it should not be the ultimate decision maker. Independent agents want to find you competitive pricing while optimizing your coverage. The lowest priced product doesn’t necessarily mean all your assets are adequately covered. Independent agents calculate risk and price to offer you the best advice. They act as personal advisers, always considering your coverage in case you suffer a loss. Having a trusted agent on your team is what any financially responsible individual would do.
  5. If things go wrong, they’ve got your back. With a local and independent insurance agent, you always have an advocate. Instead on calling a 1-800 number, all of your concerns and needs can be handled by your agent. If you experience billing or claim concerns, your agent is just a quick phone call away. They are able to represent you and contact the insurance provider on your behalf. Having this type of middleman can be a huge relief in high stress situations. Knowing that you have an agent as an advocate is like having a good friend.
  6. They are your neighbor. If you shop local and eat local food, why wouldn’t you work with a local independent insurance agent? Local means that your agent shares your same values, area code, and a sense of community understanding. They know what you’re going through because they’re physically right around the corner. You might see your agent at local sporting events, the grocery store, or community events. Their accessibility is part of the value proposition. They’re office doors are open daily on weekdays incase you’d rather chat and person and have that face-to-face interaction.
  7. Don’t shop, stop! Instead of applying to get a quote from seven different carriers, let an independent insurance agent take your information once. Agents can usually cover all of your insurance needs in a one-stop shopping experience. They are able to offer you auto, home, and business coverage. At Bickle Insurance Services, we can even offer farm insurance through Bickle Farm Solutions. And get this—our Bickle Farm Solution client advisors are also farmers. That means that they can really offer expert advices.
  8. A lifetime of trusted consulting. When milestones are approaching, your agent is ready to offer advice. Purchasing a new car or home, adding drivers to your insurance policy, starting a business, getting married, or going into retirement, are all changes in life that require altered insurance needs. Having a trusted insurance agent to hold your hand through those changes can be invaluable. We all have to have insurance and Bickle insurance agents have to see you happy. That’s why Bickle agents are here to help you navigate your insurance needs as they come with life’s ever-ending changes.