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Bickle Business Insurance Coverage

Why Choose Bickle?


We understand the inner workings of small towns, so do you – let’s work together.


100% Backed by Nationwide, the #1 small business insurer in the country.


We can help you choose the right customized policy for your business


At Bickle Insurance Services, it’s our pleasure to be able to help protect the various businesses that keep our communities vibrant. You have enough on your plate – let us help make insurance easy for you! Choose a policy for your operation and we’ll come to you to learn the ins and outs of your business in order to do the best job.

  • Auto Service Insurance
  • Local drivers depend on you to keep their car safe while on the road, let us put the right insurance plan in place so your auto body shop can do what it does best. Our businessowners policy (BOP) combines all essential coverages. Talk to our agents about scheduling a no-obligation, free consultation.

    •Garage keepers liability
    •Building coverage
    •Tool coverage
    •Faulty workmanship coverage

  • Contractors Insurance
  • From electrical to HVAC to concrete contractors, every operation is different. Providing insurance solutions for contractors is not a “one size fits all” policy, which is why our agents will take the time to get to know you. Our agents will process your certificates of insurance same-day and deliver them quickly so that you can get back to business.

    •Vehicle coverage
    •Liability coverage
    •Property in transit
    •Equipment coverage
    •Leased equipment
    •Tools coverage
    •Custom coverages

  • Professional Offices Insurance
  • Whether it’s an accounting office, medical clinic, attorney’s office or veterinarian business, it’s important to protect your commercial operation from unexpected events. A businessowners policy (BOP) can give you all the necessary coverages you need.

    •Equipment breakdown coverage
    •Employee practices liability
    •Errors and omissions coverage
    •Valuable papers and records
    •Utility services

  • Restaurant Insurance
  • The restaurant business is a fast-paced environment, let our agents focus on your insurance so you can focus on your customers. Whether it’s a fast food chain, coffee shop, or sandwich shop, we’ll provide the specific coverage you need while providing tips and resources on food safety, accident prevention, and more.

    •Equipment breakdown coverage
    •Workers compensation coverage
    •Employee practices liability
    •Property and sewer coverage
    •Utility services
    •Spoilage coverage
    •Employee dishonesty coverage

  • Retail Insurance
  • From home improvement stores to clothing shops to florists, we understand the challenges and risks you face every day. Our agents can customize a businessowners policy (BOP) that combine property insurance, liability insurance and other coverages into one convenient package.

    •Building and business personal property
    •General liability
    •Business Income coverage
    •Professional liability coverage
    •Equipment breakdown coverage
    •Cyber liability coverage
    •Property in transit coverage
    •Utility services coverage
    •Hired/non-owned auto coverage

  • Specialized Insurance
  • Whether it’s a funeral home, a photography studio, or a beauty salon, the services you provide to your customers is very personal. Talk to one of our agents about an insurance plan that will keep you protected while you focus on the needs of your customers.

    •Business property coverage
    •Outdoor sign coverage
    •Business income
    •Employee practices liability
    •Errors and omissions

  • Wholesale and Distribution Insurance
  • From beverage distribution to electrical wholesale, we understand the specific risks your business faces every day. Talk to our agents about combining all your coverage into one convenient policy, even if you have multiple locations.

    •Auto fleet coverage
    •Inventory coverage
    •Supplies coverage
    •Property in transit
    •Building coverage