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Bickle Home Insurance Coverage

Why Choose Bickle?


We can be on the scene to assess the damage in no time.


Bundle your home and auto together and start seeing the savings.


We’ll guide you in creating a policy that meets your specific needs.


At Bickle Insurance, we offer a wide range of home and property coverage options that protect your biggest investments. Choose the policy you need and let our agents help you understand your coverage better, while asking the right questions so we can insure your home at the correct value.

  • Condo Insurance
  • The first question that needs answered when buying condo insurance is what does my condo association policy cover? While you own your individual unit, you share ownership of common areas and the building structure with your neighbors. We can help you by contacting your association and providing you with the coverage you need.

    •Appliances coverage
    •Furniture coverage
    •Kitchens and baths
    •Contents coverage
    •Alterations & renovations
    •Personal liability

  • Flood Insurance
  • Many homeowners are unaware that their home insurance doesn’t cover flood damage. Talk to our agents about adding this layer of protection. Here are a few facts about flood insurance you may not know:

    •Floods can happen anytime and anyplace under the right circumstances
    •In general, flood insurance does not take effect until 30 days after your purchase it
    •Most flood insurance is administered by the National Flood Insurance Program
    •Even if you don’t own your home, you can still purchase flood insurance to protect your belongings

  • Home & Auto Bundle
  • A multi-policy discount that includes your home and auto insurance can help make things easier and more affordable for you and your family. Let our agents walk you through bundling your home and auto!

  • Home Insurance
  • Homeowner’s policies can vary from company to company, that’s why it’s important to understand how your coverage works from the beginning, not at the time of a claim. Our agents will ask the relevant questions and may recommend optional coverages based on your specific needs and situation.

    •Dwelling coverage
    •Personal liability
    •Other structures
    •Contents coverage
    •Medical payments to others
    •Replacement cost
    •Ordinance or law
    •Sewer/drain back-up
    •Identity theft

  • Personal Umbrella Insurance
  • Having the right auto and home protection is just the first step to protecting your assets, however these policies have their limitations and only cover you up to a certain amount. For coverage beyond those limitations you need a personal umbrella policy. Talk to our agents to see just how inexpensive this extra layer of protection can be.

    An Example of how a personal umbrella works:

    •Your auto insurance provides $300,000 of liability coverage
    •You’re found at fault for a serious accident while driving your car and you’re sued for $1 million resulting in a judgement against you
    •You auto insurance would pay the first $300,000, but you would need to come up with the remaining $700,000
    If you had a $1 million personal umbrella policy, it would cover the remaining $700,000 in this example.

  • Rental Property Insurance
  • As a landlord, you want to protect your investment. Let our agents work with you to find the right coverage for your rental dwelling at an affordable price.

    •Landlord furnishings
    •Loss of income due to a covered loss
    •Dwelling coverage
    •Liability coverage
    •Medical payments coverage

  • Renters Insurance
  • Your landlord’s insurance policy doesn’t cover your personal property, and even though you don’t own the building, it’s possible to get sued for an injury in your apartment. For a small investment, make sure you have the personal liability and contents coverage you need.

    •Personal property/contents
    •Personal liability
    •Medical Payments to Others